Friday, December 22, 2006

Is that weird?

I just wrote an email to my IFs. I debated it for two days, thinking what it should say and if I should even write it. I wanted to suggest that we get together for dinner and perhaps bring our kids along. Now that I sent it I'm worried that maybe I shouldn't have.

This is all like the aftermath of some kind of crazy first date. I'm sitting here worrying that maybe I tried to contact them too soon. What if they think I'm clingy? What if they think I'm too pushy? Augh. Why don't I know anyone I can ask about this? What is the proper amount of time one should wait to send an email after one has agreed to carry one's baby? What would Miss Manners say.

In other news I can't think of what to bring to Christmas dinner. This makes me crabby. I always get cooking anxiety and I'm certain that no one will like whatever I bring.

I have issues.


Emily said...

Even more important, what if you do go out to dinner, and you get something stuck in your teeth?! BAH!

Oh yeah, and bring the damn spread, Jenny! Problem solved!

IDriveATruck said...

Awwww - Jen is stalking her baby dadd(ies), HEE!!

I don't think it's weird and I doubt they will either since the meet-n-greet went so well.

And bring RachRay crackers wherever you go; they'll be a surefire hit, HEE!