Sunday, December 31, 2006

Elle's new words

Elle has become a talking maniac. Some of her new words are:
boot - This is what she says when she wants us to read to her. She says it like "book" but with a "t" at the end. If she hands you a book and you don't start reading right away she'll get grab it away from you and wave it in your face saying "boot" over and over.

bruish - This is what she says when she wants to brush her hair. She also likes to "bruish" our hair too. After her naps she likes to go into the bathroom to look in the mirror and "bruish" her hair.

poopa - This is what she says when she's poopy or if she toots. It's pretty cute.

base - This is her word for bracelet. She has a round teething ring that she likes to put around her wrist like a bracelet. Pretty much anything she can put around her wrist will be called a "base".

ca-ca - This is her word for cracker. It may not sound cute but it really is when she says it.

Elle is also starting to walk for real. She still crawls when she wants to get where she's going quickly but she's walking more and more. Sometimes if she's crawling somewhere I can tell her to walk and she'll get up and take 10 steps or so. She's getting so grown up!

Joseph is getting grown up too. Just yesterday I told him to do something and he yelled "No one commands me like that!" He seemed shocked that that little outburst earned him a timeout.


Beany said...

No one commands me like that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. After his time out did you tell him that was pretty much the funniest thing he's ever said?
Oh, and Elle's a doll baby. Don't let her bruish out her little curls.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How great! I hope you all had a great holiday season. It's so exciting to watch kids grow up!