Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Joseph's good news

Joseph is done with food therapy! He finally had enough good sessions that his food therapist thinks he's ready to be done. He still has some real issues with food, he probably always will, but now he's able to eat a much wider range of foods. Texture is not as big of an issue for him as it used to be and he's much less sensitive to smell than he was when he started food therapy.

So, after over two years of therapy we've managed to knock physical therapy and food therapy out of his schedule. All that's left is occupational therapy and speech therapy. Neither of those are expected to go one very much longer either. A couple of months for OT and maybe 6 months for speech.

I'm really proud of Joseph. Therapy has never been much fun for him and most of the time he would rather not have been there but most of the time he did what he needed to do. He's such a great kid.

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