Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The little things

When Jesse and I were dating and when we were first married he was a pretty romantic guy. He would bring me flowers for no reason, write me little love letters, take me out to eat, leave little suprise gifts for me to find, that kind of stuff. Well, we've been married for over 7 years now and after a while those kind of gestures happen less and less. And honestly, they seem less and less important to me. We've got 2 kids, 2 cars, a house and a never ending pile of laundry to deal with. We don't have time for flowery romance.

That's not to say Jesse doesn't do other things to let me know he loves me. Whenever he drives my car he makes sure to fill it up with gas so that I don't have to. In the past year I've probably gotten gas once and I don't even remember how long it was before that. In the summer he mows the grass and in the winter he shovels the snow and he never, ever complains about it. He lets me pick where we go out to eat and where we go on vacation.

And he still leaves me little suprise gifts for me to find. Why just this morning I found one. I know that he left that big pile of fingernails on the shelf of Elle's changing table so that when I rocked her to sleep for her nap I would see it and think of him. I know that when he leaves big piles of nails on the nightstand it's so that when I roll over to wake up and he's already at work, I'll know that he's always with me. And I know that he left that pile of tonails on the arm of the couch because he knew I would put my hand into it when I went to sit down and he knows how much I love putting my hands into big piles of YELLOW, SCALY, BUMPY SHARDS OF TOENAIL!!! And I won't even go into how he doesn't put down the toilet seat or even flush much of the time.

He really is quite a guy but man, if he doesn't stop with the toenails all over the place I'm probably going to start putting them in his food.


shyestviolet said...

you're so amazingly positive! :D

Sticky Keys said...

Heh, he was just being sweet! Next time leave him a pile of toejam in the shape of a heart.