Saturday, January 06, 2007

Crack is wack

And so is Google. What bring people to my blog? Mostly people that can't spell.
poop while giving birth - Ok, you talk once or twice about how this is your biggest fear and it gets you blog 10-20 hits a week.

tounge irritations pregnancy - I know nothing about this. I always feel a little bad when someone comes to my blog looking for information that I don't have.

( Jayz) Big pipin - I knew that title would come back to haunt me.

"pooped his pants" - I get a lot of these too. Gross.

repetative behavior - Searching works better when you are a good speller.

lavander penis facts - I....don't ..... know.

"male nurse"+suppositories - Sigh.

images of raven symone (shoes) - Why would someone look for this?

I've also gotten the following that I no longer have the links for:
raven symone do she do crack
raven symone how many piercings do she have
raven symone has she got a baby (I get variations of this nearly every day)

So my question is this: Why do people who search for (but cannot spell) Raven Symone seem to have such problems with basic grammer?


Emily said...

haha on all especially the raven ones... except for the lavender penis one... that is so humiliating... i never knew when i typed that in it would lead me to your blog, i swear.

Jen said...

i knew it!

Erika said...

Hi Jen,

I just saw your comment on the surrogacy article that I wrote for the Star Tribune a few months ago, and your blog was linked to it. I just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey! Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about anything. erikalindsay at gmail dot com