Sunday, January 21, 2007

Joseph's plan

Joseph has been super attatched to Jesse and I lately. He's even refused to spend time with my parents so that he could be with us instead. I don't know what's going on with him but he just really does not want to be apart from is at all.

On Friday Jesse brought Joseph to school just like he does every day. After he left Joseph got very sad and started to cry because he missed Jesse so much. So he this is what he told me he did. He took out his feelings chart (little chart he has numbered 1-5 with each number being a different emotion has has). When he saw that he was at #4 (crying and not able to stop) he looked at what the chart said he should do. The chart said that he should take a break in Mrs F's office. (Mrs F is his IEP case manager.) All on his own he went to his teacher and told her that he needed to go to Mrs F's office so that he could calm down. Then he and Mrs F talked and she told him she was proud of him for figuring out on his own that he needed to come down there. She gave him a sticker on his chart and he went back to class and had a great day.

I am so proud of my boy! This is really big for him. This is the first time at school where he has been able to step back and look at how he's feeling and then figure out what he needs to do to make it better. I'm so glad he was able to take a short break and then pull it together for the rest of the day. He's turning into such a big kid, he's really not a baby anymore.

Elle's not a baby anymore either. She's getting a couple more teeth on the bottom now. She's also starting to walk for real. She's crawling less and less and she's becoming a lot more steady when she walks. It's really fun to see. It's all made me question if I'm really, really ready to be done with babies. They're small for such a short time and I kind of hate to think I might be done with that forever. I don't know, maybe I'll pop a few out for somebody else first and then see how I feel.

No change in the surrogacy safari yet. Tomorrow someone is coming to the house to give me a physical so that I can qualify for the life/health insurance I'll have during the surrogacy. Should be oodles of fun.


shyestviolet said...

wow, that is:
A) a really cool idea to have such a neat emotion chart, and I honestly might need to make one for my own daily life (not even being snarky), and
B) really great that joseph whipped that sucker out and used it... how many of us can step back from ourselves when we're particularly emotional and assess what needs to be done?

Grandma Judy said...

qvwntoI agree with shyesviolet... I am so proud of Joseph. He is quite the little man. We can all learn from him!!! He has the tools and he is using them. What an example he is for the rest of us!!! Grandma Judy