Thursday, January 18, 2007

Anal retentive blogging

I've gone back and cataloged all my posts. Now if you read a post of mine about poop (for example) and you find yourself wondering what else I have to say about poop you can just click on the little "tag" at the end of the post and it will take you to a list of all my poop posts. It was kind of fun to do. I re-read pretty much my entire blog. I realized that my kids and are sick a lot, that I don't talk about Jesse much unless I'm complaining about him, that I say my kids are cute really often and that I talk a lot more about Raven Symone than I thought I did.


Ben said...

This limey bastard did what I never could as a kid. Good to get closure on this though.

Ben said...

Oh God. I've found my YouTube addiction. Watching this video I was almost jumping out of my seat clapping, yelling the names of all the games. "Golden Axe! Shadow of the Beast! It Came From The Desert!! Ports of Call! MOONSTONE!!!"

When it got to Wings, the game I possibly wasted more hours on than any other, I almost cried.