Monday, January 08, 2007

That would be cool

I've been emailing on of the baby's daddies (tm IDAT) for a while and we've worked out that we're going to get together this weekend and to out to eat. We'll bring the kids and they'll bring their son so that the whole family can meet each other. Should be fun and it will be nice to get to know the IF I didn't get to meet when we were in LA.

My IFs have still not selected an egg donor. I understand their desire to take their time and make the right choice but dang, I'm ready to get this show on the road. I can't get too upset though because they're also trying to get the hospital here to accept my surrogacy insurance so that I can see my old OBGYN and deliver right here in town. That would be awesome. I love my OBGYN and it would be nice not to have to make the half hour drive to the clinic I was going to have to go to. So I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that that works out.

We've started going to Monday Night Class again. It's a total reversal of last year when I left each class wanting to bang my head against a wall. The parents in it this year are nice and funny and friendly and don't spend the entire class telling long, drawn out, boring stories about what kind of sandwiches their kid likes or what they bought at Wal-Mart or what their husband said when they bought a sandwich at Wal Mart. I left the class not hating people. What a change!

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Becky said...

Sad, I so enjoyed your stories of the crazy people.