Friday, December 05, 2008

It tastes like buring!

Yesterday I was stuck in bed all day with a super mondo death flu. Everything hurt.

I'm mostly better today. Mostly. The lymph nodes in my armpits are still so swollen and sore that when I put deodorant on this morning I actually yelped in pain. I swear, it's my Constant Hair on Fire Syndrome. I could say "You know how when you have the flu it hurts to put on deodorant" to 1 million people and every single one of them would say "Get away from me Stinky."

As I was reading though some of my blog posts from waaaaaay back when I was pregnant with Elle I came across a funny conversation I had with Joseph. I'm going to reprint it for you here because I seriously do not want you looking through my archives. They're like a big ball of lame and boring and cheesy all rolled into one. Seriously. But this was funny. It's me and old school Joseph discussing something he learned about strangers.

Joseph: Officer Nick told us not to go in other people's yards or houses if we don't know them.
Me: Why not?
J: Because they might be strangers.
M: Right, and who's house could you go into?
J: Grandma's and Beanie's and yours and The Wheeze's and Officer Nick's.
M: And other people too if Mommy and Daddy tell you it's ok. What else did he tell you?
J: Not to get in stranger's cars.
M: That's a good idea.
J: Why?
M: Because there are some people who aren't very nice to kids. Only go in someones car if Mommy or Daddy or Grandma or Grandpa say it's ok.
J: Or in Officer Nick's car. And I always have to wear a seat belt.
M: That's right, what else did you talk about?
J: Not to take candy from strangers.
M: Why not?
J: Because it could have poison or, you know, maybe be on fire.


Sam said...

I think I'm going to use that as a benchmark: "You know how it feels when you have the flu so bad it hurts to put on deodorant? That's what a bad day of fibromyalgia feels like." I couldn't describe it better myself!

I try never to eat burning candy. Thanks Joseph!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Great advice. Never eat burning candy. Thank you!

Stimey said...

Damn. That never occurred to me. I knew I should have eaten that Twizzler that was on fire.