Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let's get one thing clear here

Just to clarify my last post, I wasn't happy that a drunk woman who was trying not to poop was laying on top of me. I was trying to point out that it's not such a bad thing to grow up and outgrow some of that crazy partying stuff. I don't think I was very clear so it probably came across like I was really happy I was all grown up and having wild encounters like that.

In other news, woot, unwoot and rewoot. The surrogacy, which was on and then off is now back on. The letter my OB wrote was all it took for the RE to reconsider working with me. Now I have to go to LA for my medical screening. My agency asked if I would go on Monday but since that would have me coming home on the 23rd I'm going to skip it until next month. I could probably go and be back without any problem but I don't want to risk something going wrong and then being stuck in LA and missing day after Christmas shopping spending Christmas with my family.

Random question for the parents in the audience: At what age did your kids start showering/washing their hair on their own? And am I destined to still be washing Joseph's hair for him when he's 47?


susan said...

Well, my own kid is only 8 months old, so I can't answer from a parent's standpoint, but I distinctly remember being taught to shower/wash hair on my own around 7 years old. I remember being freaked out because I "messed up the steps" on my first solo showering attempt, putting shampoo on my head before wetting my hair down, then standing there for several minutes hollering downstairs to my mom to find out how I should rectify the situation. Seared in my memory forevermore. What a strange thing.

Jen said...

Amelia just started taking the occasional shower and washing her hair on her own this year... and part of that stemmed from her immense fear of me getting soap in her eyes.

And I'm sorry the party got so wild... :( I hope a little part of you enjoyed at least part of it.

karla said...

my daughter is 8 and i had her start taking showers and doing it on her own at 7, the showers i did more because she was falling asleep in the bathtub and that scared me so bad that i dont let her to baths to often:( But she seems to do okay with showers! Occasionally we will let our 3&5 year olds do showers but we still have to wash them:)

Sam said...

I don't remember the hair washing, but Chicken didn't reliably cut his own finger nails until this past year. He's 12. Yeah, I know.

Gina said...

My son just turned 12 and has been showering himself for several years now. However, he does a terrible job of washing his hair - he does it, but I am always having to remind him to do it right. Or sending him back in to do it again.