Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not exactly a religious family

Joseph: Mommy, do you know why they call it Christmas?

Me: Why is that?

Joseph: Because it's the day Chris was born.

Me: (long pause where I muffled my laugh into my hand)

Joseph: You know Chris? The son of God? Get it? Chis-mas!

Me: Where did you hear all this?*

Joseph: I don't know. I read it in some dictionary.**

*I had to ask because a while back a couple of his friends were giving him a hard time when he told them he didn't go to church or believe in God. It's all straightened out now but what he told me at the time was just so darned sweet. "I was frustrated because I just wanted them to understand how I feel! Everyone can believe different things and we can still be friends." Seriously kid, there are adults that haven't figured that out yet.

**Yes, I think it's possible that he was reading a dictionary. He's in second grade and reading at a sixth grade level. He's also very innocent and where a lot of kids his age would be looking up "penis" and "sex" and swear words, he looks up things like "Christmas".


Stimey said...

It sounds like he has the important concepts down. Very hilarious.

musing said...

Smart boy!

Cindy from central NC said...

A second grader reading 6th-grade material is quite impressive. It must be quite interesting at your house!!