Monday, March 30, 2009

Cursive, shmursive

I have an IEP meeting at Joseph's school today. My plan to ask them to drop cursive writing all together. I also want to ask that he instead be allowed to work on a keyboard practicing proper finger placement during the time other kids are working on cursive. Typing is a skill that he will get far more use out of than cursive so it seems like a logical replacement. For me it does anyway. I hope the people at the school agree with me.

We've been very lucky when it comes to getting Joseph what he needs on his IEP. We've never faced a battle to get him services. I have heard some real IEP horror stories but we've never had anything like that. I think part of it is that Joseph is extremely high functioning and that his needs don't require a ton of accommodating. In fact, most of what's on Joseph's current IEP is stuff that people on Joseph's "team" at school have suggested. I just hope that they're receptive to change like this. I think it's the best thing for Joseph and I hope they can see that too.

Keep your fingers crossed that my boy gets what he needs.

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Stimey said...

I hope it went well!