Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The good, the bad and the downright gross

Yesterday was my four year blogiversary. I didn't even realize it until I was finished with my entry but there you go. It's somewhat poetic that neither my first entry nor my entry four years later got any comments. (I hope that anyone who thought about commenting on my last post instead went and left a comment on Shannon's blog.)

I get fair amount of traffic to this blog. And by fair amount I mean more than the six or so visitors a day I used to get. I get a ton of google hits. Most of the time they're for things like "girl pooping" or "girl problems" or "zicam and breastfeeding" or "detachable penis". I do get hits once in a while that kind of amuse and/or horrify me. A few recent ones are:

story about a girl who causes a problem but then helps to fix the problem and with her help the effets of the problem are reduced in her community and a lesson is learned - I find this one very cute for some reason.

say a girl is 19 and a boy is 13 does the boy need to wear a condom - What the boy needs is the police. Seriously. That's .... wow.

is it common for college students to wear diapers - Sure. If they're super freaky.

girl who poops on the toilet and then feeds there baby out there boobs pictures - Good lord. What an oddly specific fetish.

am i hot if i am fat and eat cake?
- As one fattie to another? Yes. Yes you are.

I think I have Assbugers - "don't care about other people don't like people" - I think it's breaking an internet law if you diagnose yourself with something you can't even spell.

oobi on noggin breastfeeding - :o

So you can see why I've kept at this for four years. It's not the four cents a day I make on ads. It's not the avalanche of comments I get on every post. It's not even the knowledge that I am providing a much needed service to the world. (Because if I don't mommy blog, who will?) It's the ability to connect with the freaks that keeps me around. Because if I don't blog how else will I know about your poop fetish?

One year ago today I laughed at earnest people.
Four years ago today I was the most boring person on the face of the planet and I feared pooping while giving birth.


Shannon said...

Oh no! I should have commented yesterday. I had known Shannon wasn't doing well but I appreciated the reminder and immediately wrote up a card for her. So you got your point across. And just so you know, I'm reading. :) (shannon@livinginthegray.com)

littlebobleep said...

Mazel tov on your 4 year blogiversary!
If I had to pay a dollar a day to sponsor your blog, I would do it! Your blog is just that engrossing and worth supporting. Happy to be one of your regular sponsors and readers now.

Charmed by Karen

Stimey said...

Happy four years!! It's nice to know there's someone out there filling the void for those of out there with very specific fetishes that we need to Google.

Tori said...

So, I know what Noggin is, but who is Oobi?

littlebobleep said...

Tori, this is Oobi:

"He's always with you!"