Sunday, March 01, 2009

My family has mad skillz

My family has been pretty busy for the past few days. We've used this past weekend to show off all of our most amazing skills.

On Friday afternoon Joseph and some of his friends put on a play for his class. (Jesse, my mom and I were there to see it too.) Joseph wrote the play, cast it, directed it, produced it and acted in it. The play is called Super Pickle and it is the moving story of a pickle who stops a dinosaur from eating the mayor's house. While watching the play we laughed, we cried and we cheered. We fell in love with characters like Super Pickle, Scribblesaurus and The Guy Who Runs Away. After the play Joseph was asked how he came up with the idea for Super Pickle and he responded "I was trying to make a lizard but when I cut it out I accidentally cut off his legs and arms ...... and tail. Then it looked like a pickle so I made a play about it." I'm pretty sure that's how "12 Angry Men" came to be made.

On Saturday Elle's dance class had a dance recital. A lot of the little girls who were on stage just froze. They didn't sing or dance or move or do much beyond looking horrified. It was actually really cute. They stood there in their sparkly, overpriced leotards and stared out at the crowd, stunned. They looked like adorable cotton candy statues. Elle was not one of the ones who froze. Elle danced and sang her little heart out. She twirled, she stomped, she kept scooting further and further forward so that by the end she was a good foot in front of all the other girls. I had tears in my eyes watching her. She looked so happy and sure of herself, it was really a lot of fun to watch.

On Sunday Jesse and I showed off our skills as parents and responsible adults by ..... locking ourselves and our children out of the house. Ever since we moved into this house we've had this lock/door/key situation that has needed to be taken care of. We've said to each other "One of these days we're going to lock ourselves out of the house!" countless times. Today we did it and we felt exactly as stupid as we knew we would. We called a locksmith and he let us back into the house AND fixed the lock/door/key situation. It worked out really well because in the end all it cost us was $12,789.63 and a big chunk of pride.

My family is made of awesome. Well, some of us are. The smaller ones of us. Us bigger folks could learn a thing or two from those little people.

Two years ago today Elle showed off her new winter hat.
Three years ago today I said something I had swore I never would.


NGS said...

I once lived in a giant house with half a dozen other folks, all hippie-like. I never figured out how to use the front door in the two years I lived there. The lock was impossible for those of us with non-dexterous folks! I'd always just troop on back and use the normal, just for dummies door. Until the day the cat ran out of the front door, I ran out after him, and the door slammed shut behind me. Locking me on the front porch in the middle of winter with a cold, angry cat. In my slippers.

A roommate came home about twenty minutes later and let us in.

I felt very stupid.

shyestviolet said...

my roommate's friend locked us out of the house about a month ago. I bodychecked my way back in through the front door.

I'm not sure how safe that makes me feel...

Emma said...

I so would have gone to that play and that recital. That is genius! Hooray for Joseph.

And I am thinking you would have been better off throwing something through a window at the price you paid to get back into your house.

Anonymous said...

So where are some pictures of our Prima Donna?
I surly would of loved to see Josephs play. I could use a good cry.
I am with EMMA on the brick thing. Love to all