Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Breakdown

It's Spring Break this week. There's a good chance that by the end of the week either Joseph or I will be living in the garage.

I don't know if the kid is hitting a growth spurt or what but he's been off for the past week or so. Half of the time he is himself at his best, sweet and gentle, funny and smart. The other half of the time he is hell on wheels. Or rather, hell on little Cars socks covered feet. If I ask him to do something I never know what reaction I'm going to get.

Will it be "Ok Mommy! I like to do stuff for you. Can we play a game later when you're not busy? While I'm waiting I'll play with Elle."?

Or will it be "Destroyer! You are a destroyer of days! AAAAAGH! You ruined my day YOU DESTROYER, YOU!!!!"?

I have gotten both so far this morning. And I am not exaggerating either one. And both were responses to me asking him to get dressed.

I think I'm going to go lay down in the garage for a while now. Someone wake me up when it's Monday.

One year ago today I saw a movie and really, really hated it.


Queen of the Misfits said...

I have a 9 year old that is EXACTLY like this!!!

Stimey said...

Does he really call you Destroyer? That's really funny. I might start using it.

Emma said...

Destroyer of days? Yeah. Asking someone to get dressed is pretty terrible.

In reference to seeing a movie and hating it, I always remember when you saw "Stigmata" and you said it was more like "Stigsucky."