Friday, May 01, 2009

Not being three is one of my best features

I had to go and get blood drawn today as part of my pre-transfer monitoring. As Elle and I walked into the lab I recognized the person working there as the same person who drew my blood the last two times I was there. I handed her the order for the blood work and she quickly looked it over. Then she looked up and me and said "Hooray! It's you!"

"Wow" I thought to myself. "I guess I made a real impression on her last time I was here. How nice to have someone so excited to see me!"

I smiled at her brightly and said "I'm happy to see you again too!"

The woman looked confused for a moment and then laughed uncomfortably. "Oh sorry!" she said. "I just meant I was happy that you're the one here to get your blood drawn and not your little girl. I get so nervous when little ones come in and it's always such a relief when it's their parents who are getting blood drawn."

Well that wasn't embarrassing or awkward at all. On the plus side I now have something new to add to my big list of cool things about myself. Jen - adequate cook, good mother, occasionally amusing, in possession of good child-bearing hips, excellent driver, NOT a three year old.


PS In all fairness, anyone who is not three earns extra points in my book too. Elle never really went through the Terrible Twos but right now we're smack dab in the middle of the Rip Your Head Off And Kick It Around Like A Soccer Ball If You So Much As Look At Me Wrong Threes.


Shannon said...

BWAAHAAHAHAHA! Three is just about to hit our household for the second time. I wait in fear and trembling.

Barbara said...

Hilarious! Actually when I was going through infertility treatments, I requested the same person every time. There were two that did a good job of not having to jab me a million times. So they got used to seeing me. I don't think they'd have ever said Hooray! at seeing me though

Stimey said...

That is exactly what the threes need to be called. Like, it textbooks and stuff.

Anonymous said...

wait till the f---ing fours

Sheri said...

I have always admired not being three in people.....good for you! Love your blog by the way. You have a terrific sense of humor and wonderful writing style!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I have never enjoyed Three. Never. I'd rather have two twice, and then move right on to four, thankyouverymuch.

Nicki said...

If I were that lady, I wouldn't even have explained what I meant. I would have just gone along with it and acted like I really was happy to see you, instead of being like, "Uh... actually, no, I don't really care about you, not particularly, sorry."