Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 things you MUST know about my little brother

1. He has a dance routine to the song Layla. It involves doing The Worm.
2. At my wedding reception he stood up in front of everyone and sang In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. He even did the "na na na na na na na NA na" guitar part.
3. He is very funny and if you need proof of that you can read his blog. Be warned though, it might make you very, very afraid of being around criminal justice majors.
4. One year for his birthday my parents took him on a cruise. A CRUISE! I have never been on a cruise. I will leave you to work out the logistics/fairness of that one.
5. He ain't heavy, he's my brother.
6. He used to make Mac n' Cheese by putting the milk and butter into the boiling water and then pouring it all out when the noodles were done and then mixing the dry powder into the noodles.
7. He is very sensitive and doesn't like it when you make fun of the way he used to make Mac n' Cheese.
8. In spite of his inability to read the back of a Mac n' Cheese box he went on to become a professional chef.
9. He has recently left the world of professional cooking to go back to school and become a scary criminal justice law talking guy.
10. He claims to not like people but then he asked me to link to this so that all my readers would see it. A friend of his from college is facing the unimaginable and I know you good people care and will do what you can and pass the word along.

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Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Your brother sounds awesome. Must check out the links...

Mandy said...

Where does your brother go to school?

Ben said...

OK, I know I say this every time the Birthday Cruise is brought up, but I need to clarify a couple things.

1. My best friend got to go along too.
2. In all fairness, it was more of an "overnight ferry" than a cruise. An overnight ferry to Sweden, but still.
3. Haven't you been on a Disney Cruise?

Also, I'm not becoming a criminal justice guy! I'm becoming a paralegal. HUGE difference.

(And at least when I make mac and cheese I don't spill it all over myself, so nyah)