Thursday, July 09, 2009

This is why I am boring

I haven't had much to say lately for three reasons.

1. My life is uneventful.
2. For the past week I have had the headache from hell and it hurts me to look at the computer screen.
3. I am busy gardening and preserving food. In the past 10 days I have made pickeled rhubarb, pickled cherries, blueberry jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, dried cherries, banana chips, dried kiwi slices, strawberry rhubarb fruit leather, dried banana peppers, rhubarb barbecue sauce (insanely good) and apple rhubarb chutney. I've also frozen a ton of blueberries and strawberries for use later in the year. I am having a torrid love affair with food preservation.

Other than the preservation obsession I do have two peices of news.

1. We have finally mastered potty training. It took a lot of patience and perseverance and tootsie roll bribes and spare princess panties but we did it. We rock.
2. I have started the hormone shots again to prepare for the next embryo transfer. The whole stupid lung collapse threw everything off for a tiny bit but now we're back on track. Most likely we'll be doing the transfer July 27th. Obviously I'm hopeful it works this time but I'm trying not to think about it too much one way or the other. We'll just see what happens and go from there I guess.

Now I have nothing else to share so I'm going to go outside and sing to my tomato plants.

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Anonymous said...

All of your pickling and food prep is hardly boring. Wish I knew how to do all that stuff, as we've got a ton of veggies coming up.

YAY on the potty training! You do rock.

Don't you hate it when your lung collapses right in the middle of a transfer cycle? It's so annoying! GOOD LUCK with the transfer!!!

Lala said...

did you see my post about hay bale gardening? you might try it next year. boy, this comment sure sounds like spam......good thing we're friends.

Stimey said...

Good luck with your transfer! And hooray for potty training! Good days await! Throw away all disposable underwear!

And I'm sorry that you have to eat pickled rhubarb. I'll send you some tomatoes to make you feel better.

Shannon said...

I have those spurts of food preservation frenzy as well. Although typically with baking or soups/stews. I love to make freezer jam but since we are moving by the end of summer there will be no jam this summer as I have not yet figured out a way to get a moving company to supply a generator for my deep freeze while moving it! :)

Sam said...

My next door neighbor is doing her transfer at the end of August for a gestational surrogacy. I get to do all the shots in the ass when her husband isn't home. YAY!

Good luck! I hope this one sticks!!!!