Friday, July 03, 2009


My baby is nine today. I kind of can't even believe that. I can so clearly remember him as a tiny baby. He still seems tiny to me. I guess that might be because he is tiny. Only in size though. In spirit this kid is a giant.

I don't have time to say too much here. Joseph and I are going to play MySims Racing now. (And he will probably kick my butt because I am now an old lady with a nine year old child.)

One year ago today Joseph turned eight and was insane and I added a sad chapter in Joseph's adoption story.
Two years ago today Joseph turned seven and I cried about everything.
Three years ago today Joseph turned six.
Four years ago today Joseph turned five.


Emily said...

I still remember calling him Peachy...

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday to your son =)

How are you liking mysims racing? I kind of liked the other mysims, but haven't checked out the racing yet!