Sunday, July 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

Yesterday Grandma Judy came and we shopped for about 6 hours. Presents for everyone including the baby who got her crib. It was a fun day but I think we're all still a little tired.

Today we had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa, Becky, Matthew and Amanda at Space Aliens. After that we went to buy some fireworks to set off tonight. When we told the guy there it was Josephs birthday he threw in some free fireworks. I thought we should go around to a bunch of other places and see what we could get for free when we told people it was Joseph's birthday. ("This is a nice car dealership you've got here. Did I mention it was my son's birthday?") Later Bill, Pam and the boys stopped by with a present for Joseph. He invited them to "make themselves at home" and "have a little fun".

The plans for the rest of the night include setting off the fireworks and dinner from Burger King. Joseph keeps reminding us that it's his day and he can do whatever he wants. He even tried to use that when I caught him picking his nose.

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