Sunday, July 10, 2005

Does heaven have book stores?

Today Joseph saw a picture of Maddi and he started talking about heaven and how she went there with his fish Dorothy. Then he started talking about when he would go to heaven and if he could be a kid in heaven. We told him he could probably do whatever he wanted there. He said "The blue fairy and other people will make me a kid again?"

Then he started asking if he could get Beanie Babies in heaven. We said he could and he said "Do they have gift shops in heaven? How about book stores?"

Then he started to worry about what would happen when Jesse and I died and went to heaven. He started to cry and said "Kids needs grown ups to take care of them! When you die I won't have any parents anymore!"

Of course we promised him that we wouldn't die for a long, long time and we would be around for a long time to take care of him and no matter what we would always be be his parents forever and ever. That seemed to make him feel better and he said "And we'll get to be a family in heaven and all be together! ........ And they have gift shops right?"

Geez, that kid.

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Ben said...

Ah, I got something in my eye. Darn allergies....