Sunday, July 31, 2005

At least that's done

The crib has been put together and most of Joseph's stuff has been moved out of the toy room. We're going to have to get a new crib matress though so add that to the list of 8 million things we need to do before the baby comes. Ack! We're running out of time!


Mom or Dad said...

All of a sudden, it does seem like it's coming up fast. I clearly remember when I had 10 weeks left before giving birth to you...and now you're 28. What the heck happened to the time.


Anonymous said...

It's not new, but we have a crib mattress that you are welcome to. And I cleary remember your being born and now you're 28?!!!!!! Crazy. Oh, and I love the new ticker at the top of your posts. I meant to tell you that before.

Anonymous said...

And I clearly remember when I was 28. Well, no, not really. Actually, I don't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning.