Thursday, July 07, 2005

This shirt is bananas

Joseph has only heard the very heavily edited version of Hollaback Girl on the radio. Because of that he doesn't know there are any swear words in it. Add that to the fact that he never hears those words anyway and you've got the perfect recipe for one adorably innocent kid. There's nothing funnier than when he hears the song on the radio and happily sings along "It's my shirt, it's my shirt!".

On another note, this morning when we woke up I had a terrible headache and I asked Joseph to do some Reiki on me for a minute. I guess he wasn't in the mood because he whined "I don't want to be stuck up here doing Reiki for a woman!". I guess he had important things to do.


Ben said...

Did he go get a beer then?

Jen said...

No, he demanded that I get him a beer.