Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My head looks like a potato

I can't stop eating smoked almonds (despite the effect they have on me) and shredded wheat. They are the only two things I want right now. I eat bowl after bowl of shredded wheat and snack on almonds between that. I wonder what my body is telling me.

The baby likes baths. Whenever I take one she bounces all over the place. Of course, that might just mean that my bath water is too hot and she's to kick me so that I'll stop hard-boiling her but I like to think that she likes it. Too bad that our tub is so small that only about 1/7 of my tummy is underwater when I take a bath.

Today was "Bring your screaming baby to therapy day" at physical therapy. Joseph was having trouble even doing his work because there were 4 kids all under the age of 2 screaming their little hearts out. Joseph's therapist finally had to get him some headphones so that he could listen to music as he did his work. Even so it was very hard for him to concentrate and at one point he just threw his pencil down and said "I can't stand this screaming anymore! I can't even draw my picture! Look! My head looks like a potato and I can't figure out how to draw a tu-tu!" That tells you how bad things really were.


Anonymous said...

Just a note, you might want to avoid the "bring your screaming baby to therapy day" and just go on the regular day. On the plus side it gives you another chance to show people what a little cutie your son is.

Mom or Dad said...

Hey-whose head doesn't look like a potato when it being drawn by a 5 year old? I'd say Joseph is just a sensitive and talented artist who shouldn't be interrupted when he's creating.

Mom (aka-#1 Joseph fan)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I can always tell that I'm having a bad day when I'm not able to draw a tu-tu.