Tuesday, July 26, 2005

At last

I haven't had much to say in the past few days because I've been in too much pain most of the time lately to even think about posting. I had this incredible pain under my left, lower ribs that mad eit hard for me to concentrate on much of anything.

I had my regular check up yesterday and my doctor says it's most likely a certain kind of stomach irritation that pregnant women get (it has a name and everything but I can't remember it). It's similar to an ulcer but it will go away once I've had the baby. Until then she put me on perscription heartbur medication and that already seems to be helping.

In other news I had a 3 hour blood sugar test done and the results of that came back normal. I have gained a few more pounds but I'm still in negative numbers. (Not for long though probably.) My uterus was measuring a little under average for how far along I am at my last appointment but this time it's all caught up. That's funny to me because in the last week or so I've felt like I've really started to show a lot more. When the doctor was trying to listen to the baby's heartbeat she was having a hard time because she (the baby) was moving all over the place and kicking.

So, everything looks good with the baby and I'm feeling a lot better so I really have no complaints. What I do have is a theory. And here it is: It is impossible to hear the song "I Will Survive" when you're in your car and not get down at least just a little bit. Even if you're driving through a road construction area.

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