Friday, July 22, 2005


Two good things to report today!

First: Yesterday Jesse came home with a baby present that a woman on his co-ed softball team had given us. She crocheted a very cute little pink baby blanket. It was such a sweet thing of her to do I thought.

Second: A new child psychologist started at the place where Joseph gets PT and OT. His food therapist is going to talk to his doctor to get him a referal to see her. Since she's new and still accepting patients we probably won't have any trouble getting in to see her. This gives us something to work with while we are waiting to get into the neurobehaviorlist. (Joseph needs to start seeing people who's titles I can spell correctly.)

So things are good. Also good is the fact that in about 10 minutes an 8 month old baby will be coming over to our house to be babysat for 4 hours. Joseph is so excited that he can hardly stand it. This morning he asked me if he could watch tv after the baby left. He said "I know the rules of babies and I know that babies don't like to watch tv so if you want to watch a show you have to wait till the baby leaves. I know that because I babysat Kiona lots of times so I'm an expert." He's so cute.

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