Thursday, January 14, 2010

Randomness and links and youtube... oh my!

First off, I guess today is some kind of blog delurking day or something. I don't know, no one ever tells me about this stuff. Because I enjoy a good delurking as much as the next person I'm going to ask you to comment today. To help encourage you I am going to donate $1 for every comment I get on this post to Doctors Without Borders.


Pat Robertson is a dick. True story.
My feelings about Pat Robertson are pretty much the same as my feelings on Jerry Falwell. And I don't want to hear about how he needs to be left along because at least his organization is doing some good and blah blah blah. Being involved with a charity does not give you a "Get Our Of Asshole Territory Free" card. Dave says it all better than I could.


Can Muslims be good Americans? Avitable knows the answer to this age old question.


After my post about how my in-laws not supporting my surrogacy I got some amazingly kind and supportive emails. I won't go into details here but trust me, they were awesome. The support I got in the comments of that post was overwhelming to me as well. Everyone should have such kindness directed their way once in a while. To top it all off I got a call from J&B the next day. They just wanted to say hi and thank me yet again for my part in bringing Little A into this world. See? It is all good. It really is.


Brad and Angelina have donated one million dollars to Doctors Without Borders to support their relief efforts in Haiti. That's pretty impressive. Now I almost feel a little bad for laughing at Mr and Mrs Smith preview. Almost. If you want to be a philanthropist like Brad and Angelina but don't have a million dollars of your own check out what Pioneer Woman has going on. She's donating 10 cents for every comment PLUS having a giveaway giving two $500 donations to the charity of the winner's choice. Not too shabby.


In news from closer to home, yesterday Elle and I both wore red, long sleeved shirts. Hers was a turtleneck, mine was not. She noticed this and said "Hey! We're wearing the same shirts except mine has little bumpers on the neck to keep my head safe!" I like how her brain works.


Stephen Baldwin - kind of a lunatic. Who could have seen that one coming?


This is Joseph's current favorite youtube video. You should hear him belt it out.


Don't forget that every comment left on this scatter-shot post will generate a $1 donation to Doctors Without Borders. You can feel free to retweet that or whatever it is you crazy social media suave bloggers do. Remember, every dollar I donate to Doctors Without Borders is one less dollar I spend on chocolate cake. So come on, do it for my jeans!

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Two years ago today I made a birth plan.


Beany said...

Pat Robertson IS a dick. Gah. Some people. & I want little bumpers to keep my head safe. & who doesn't love anything from Glee?

Stimey said...

Dollar Two!

I love it: bumpers.

I haven't watched that Pat Robertson thing yet. I almost don't want to. Ick.

Sarah said...

Why oh why do these poeple think that there are never any Christians in the path of these natural disasters? I do not understand the religion of hate.

Sheri said...

Pat Robertson is an idiot who should be ignored by the press just as he is by most sane people! Read every post you write but don't usually comment.....however, between it being delurking day and your wonderful offer for Doctors without I am.Love your Blog and keep up the good work!

heidi anne said...

delurking for donations. love it. how much does pat robertson sound like a senile old man (in addition to being a villainous douche) in that interview? seriously.

TC said...

I can comment if it costs someone else money! Love the bumper comment...

Anonymous said...

pat robertson is a racist fool!

and yes, delurking for donations.

Wendy said...

I donated $100 myself today to, plus commented on Pioneer Woman blog, and now this comment...I'll be responsible for a nice even $101.10 to Haiti, which is better than nothing.

But I think I'll take the opportunity to say something that I hope will be nice: over Christmas, I cleaned out my RSS reader. I deleted all the blogs that I was kind of tired of, all the ones that I didn't really read anymore, all the ones that didn't really speak to me or regularly interest me. I was left with only 4 "mommy" blogs (or maybe 5, depending on how one characterizes...) Excuse the title, especially if you hate it, but I want to be honest--there are still lots of things in my reader, just very few blogs written by moms, mostly about parenting, and whom I don't personally know. And yours is one of them. Thanks for the blog, I enjoy reading it.

Gina said...

Pat ARobertson is not just a dick, he's a DISEASED DICK!

Beany said...

I know I already commented, but I thought this was such a great idea. Here are other awesome bloggers following your lead.
# Saffron and Blueberry “Haitian Relief Effort-Comment to Raise Funds”
# Thursday Night Smackdown “Thursday Night Give Back”
# Amy Leavitt Photography Blog “Help For Haiti”

Stefanie said...

I'm delurking to tell you that I love reading your blog. Thank you for donating to DWP. I made my donation yesterday.

I also think that being a surrogate mother is the most self-less thing you can do. What a wonderful gift you are giving those parents! You should be congratulated, not harassed.

Michele said...

Delurking. I don't know that I could be a surrogate parent - I know at this point in my life I couldn't be. My husband and I are TTC our first, and as badly as we want kids, I couldn't give my first pregnancy up. Maybe later? Unlikely, but your ability to changes lives, and is commendable.

shyestviolet said...


shyestviolet said...


shyestviolet said...


(see what I just did there?!)

(is that cheating?)


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Bring it! Every dollar helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen...costing you another $... (as usual!) I think what you are doing is wonderful! I like the bumpers... Elle is such a joy! I want bumpers to hold my head up, too!! There is such a huge difference between religion and spirituality... I personally do not agree with Robertson and his type of "religion" and I use that term very loosely. The Haitians need help and those that can help should help. Period. Ok, I am done now. I love reading your blog and you know that I check it almost every day!! Your MIL, Judy

Nette @ SmilingMom said...

LOVE reading your blog. :-) Glad you are doing what you are doing.

dancing_lemur said...

Somehow I entirely missed delurking day yesterday, which might have something to do with being too busy at work to open my Google Reader. So anyway. Pat Robertson is both a dick and a complete idiot. Why is he still allowed on tv?

Anonymous said...


Sara said...

Ok, I'm game. I'll bite :) Very nice of you to do this.

I'm also glad you do what you do. I can't have anymore babies, so if we could afford it, we'd go the surrogate route.

jenn said...

I'm not delurking, but I do love Doctors Without Borders, so ... hi!

Anonymous said...

The devil indeed. Elle: I like you'r bumpers.