Wednesday, January 14, 2009

100 degrees

I am back.

L.A. was great. The friend that I was supposed to meet up with ended up not being able to make it but I still had a nice time. I had several hours to kill on Monday and I spent most of them here and that was awesome. The weather in L.A. was crazy warm. While it was -12 in Minnesota it was 88 in L.A. That's just wrong. I plan on writing several angry letters to several important people and demand that California be forced to share the warmth with those of us in colder climates. I plan to do this as soon as it gets a little warmer and my fingers thaw. If I tried to write angry letters now there's a good chance my fingers would crack and fall off.

But as I said, the trip was good. Highlights included:

- A cab driver asking me "What do you mean below zero?" when I told him how cold it was back home.

- My room service meal of grilled salmon and a chocolate milkshake.

- Talking with the nurse at the doctor's office. She remembered me from the last time I was there. Actually, she remembered Jesse and how he almost passed out when he was getting blood drawn. It still makes me giggle to remember how they made him lay down on a table equipped with stirrups.

- Telling the doctor I would kick him in the head if he hurt me during the pelvic exam.

- Exciting news. News that would make my next surrogacy a lot more interesting and fun. If it happens and it might not. And if it does happen then I can't tell anyone about it because it has to be a secret and augh it's killing me not to tell anyone because I promised I wouldn't! AUGH!!!!

- No one sitting near me on the plane balled up their earwax and threw it at me.


Jen said...

>>No one sitting near me on the plane balled up their earwax and threw it at me.

No, we're saving that for you now that you're home. Welcome.

susan said...

Okay, -12 is a bit too cold, but really, I'd happily trade you some of our warmth in exchange for some of your snow and ice and whatnot, were it in my power to do so. 99 degrees is nice and all, but it is not January weather!

Glad everything's going well with the surrogacy plans so far.

Sam said...

I would have loved to keep you company but super sick plus super pregnant means no driving to LA for me.

Anonymous said...

you totally should have hollered!

Karen said...

How could you promise to keep a secret??? Especially from us, your ebffs?

If we guess it, will you confirm--come on, you KNOW you want to ;)