Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jen according to Google

Let's see what Google says about me shall we?

Jen is.....
thrilled to announce that she will join Jewel on tour this summer.
getting her gear laid out and looking over her maps.
at the docor getting her throat checked out.
actually a native american.
building a travel website based on the idea that anyone can have fun in Las Vegas.
dressed so sexy and wearing an S & M black mask.
a lofty thing.
networking with other authors, and writing in her many blogs.
an ugly lady who nobody is jealous of.
so much prettier than Angie could ever be.

Jen loves....
to karaoke.
children and is always a hit at the family functions.
the jazz hands, too.
Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, and the occasional flashback to the 90’s.
everything blue, and is always on the phone.
helping people feel good about themselves.
playing with cell phones of any kind.
cooking and eating, though isn't particularly good at the washing up.

Jen hates.....
Angie with every fibre of her well-toned being.
me for no reason.
it when I take pictures of her.
arrogance, jealousy and deceit and admits to being too high maintenance.
the pressure her fame puts on all of her relationships.
that she is portrayed in this travel blog as a big drinker.
sauce and seafood both.

This is more fun that it should be. Just enter your name into google and see what comes up.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Ohhh...that looks like fun. I need a post!

Jen said...

>>Just enter your name into google and see what comes up.

I don't have to, you did it for me.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I am SO going to do this. Fun!