Friday, January 23, 2009

I am such a dick

It was pointed out to me by someone who may or may not live with me (hint- he lives with me) that my last post might not have been the nicest thing I've ever written. In the interest of fairness I will now tell a story about a time I was the one looking foolish. And no, it wasn't this time. Or this time. Or even this time. You know, I don't know what Jesse's so upset about. I'm the one who really takes a beating on this blog.

Anyway..... Jesse is really into Metallica. I know nothing about Metallica. Back when he and I had first started dating he was asking me what Metallica songs I knew. It went a little something like this.

Jesse: So what Metallica songs do you know?
Me: I only know of one for sure that they sing. It's "Secret One Eyed Woman".
Jesse: Huh? Secret what?
Me: Secret One Eye Woman. You have to know it.
Jesse: Are you sure Metallica sings it? How does it go?
Me: (singing) Secret one eyed wooooman!
Jesse: .......
Me: You don't know it?
Jesse: Do you mean "Sleep With One Eye Open"?
Me: Er. Yes.

And then he laughed at me for an hour and to this day he will still occasionally sing "Secret one eye wooooman!"

So there. I don't know it all and sometimes I'm wrong too. Also, today Elle drew this picture of me wearing glasses.

I guess she thinks I was too hard on Jesse too.


Beany said...

If you don't count the tiny eye, you kinda look like a secret one eyed woman. And I never heard of either of those songs.

Ben said...

Be nice to Jes....hey, wait a second!

Stimey said...

I get this too. I think I make fun of myself worse than anyone else on my blog, but Alex always gets all defensive. I think he would prefer kudos in each post.

Stacie said...

Hah! I love when kids draw pictures of people and don't draw a body! Instead, they draw the arms and legs sticking straight out of the head! So cute!

CheekySweetie said...

The Huz loves Metallica, so I read him this post and he just about died laughing.

I'm with Stacie-I was so sad when my littlest one's little M&M-with-legs-and-arms people became people with bodies. So cute, lol!

Becky said...

You sort of look like Mr. Peanut.

Karen said...

You have a mean husband!