Sunday, April 03, 2005

Just shoot me now

I spent another day at the hospital getting IV fluids and medication because I haven't been able to eat or drink the last fews days and I've been throwing up a lot. On top of that I have a little bit of a stomach bug so nothing's staying with me for very long. It was a fun time all around but one moment in particular stands out in my memory.

I'm laying in the bed feeling like I've been run over by a bus and the best looking male nurse I have ever seen comes into the room to start my IV. As he's doing that the doctor comes in and he's even better looking than the nurse. So I'm laying on this bed sans make-up, contact lenses or even a recent shower and I've got these two very attractive guys watching me and I've got to say things like "I couldn't take my suppositories because I have diarrhea!". I could have crawled into a hole and died.

Anyway, before I had even come to the hospital I had called my doctor and she said that with they symptoms I had they would probably want to admit me overnight. She even said that she was on call the next day so would come by and check on me. Ok, since my doctor is telling me thins I put some weight on it. At the emrgency room they pretty much brushed off that idea right away. After giving me three bags of fluid I peed about an ounce. They gave me half a sandwich and after eating it I felt like crap. Then they pretty much said "Ok, go home now." I was a little suprised since I didn't actually seem to be feeling any better than when I came in. I expressed this concern and was met with a chorus of "Oh, this happens all the time to pregnant women all the time! We see it all the time! This is no big deal!" When I tried to explain that this has never happened to me and I'm just trying to be cautious since my regular doctor thought I would probably need to be admitted the doctor pretty much walked out of the room mid-sentance. I was pretty frustrated since all I really wanted was for someone to explain why it was ok for me to go home now since I felt exactly the same as I did when I got there. Again I tried explaining that I didn't want to go home only to have to come back the next day if I was still sick. I think to shut me up they gave me a perscription for the most expensive pills in the history of the world!

So now I'm home, feeling crappy even with the help of a $10 pill. (That's after insurance!) I'm pretty annoyed by the whole thing. I'm ok with beign sent home but it would have been nice if someone had taken the time to explain things to me instead of just blowing me off. I know morning sickness happens a lot and know a lot of women have to have fludis put in so I should just shut up and deal with it but it's easier said than done when I'm spending the third day in a row hunched over my sick-bowl throwing up that half a cracker I ate.

Anyway, on the good side they brought in a fetal heartbeat monitor at one point and I got to heat the baby's heartbeat again. Jesse and Joseph were in the room so they got to hear it too. That was pretty cool for all of us. It's all good.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny, I sure hope you start to feel better. Did you look at the variation on the "Abby" names I posted. Don't you think Abeni Fortwengler has a unique ring to it? Oh, and I believe round 3 of March/April lunacy or whatever it's called is still going on.