Thursday, April 28, 2005


I must have done something bad to a restaurant owner in a past life because I have some bizzare karma going on right now. Yesterday I was craving a hamburger and Jesse stopped off to get one at Wendy's after his softball game. Now you should know that I love hamburgers with mayo and pickles. It's really the only way I like them. Anything else on them just ruins them. I was so looking forward to that hamburger. Jesse comes home and I open it up and they gave me a stinking cheeseburger. I cheeseburger. As in, a burger with cheese. Cheese that ruined the entire thing. Jesse called and they offered to send him a coupon but he went in and got the order instead. They gave me a coupon for a combo meal. I'm getting a real collection of coupons for free meals now. I would actually just prefer they get the stinking things right in the first place.

This all leaves me wondering how often this stuff normally happens. I don't usually eat a lot of fast food or take out but I have been more often lately. Is it normal to have places get your order wrong 4 out of 6 times you go out? "Oh why is me? What did I do to deserve this?" -Joseph

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