Friday, April 15, 2005

To send or not to send?

Joseph's pre-school teachers have suggested that we move him on to kindergarten next year. His teacher said he is testing a year ahead of his age group and is in the 91st % of kids academically. I always knew he was bright but I had no idea how bright! The question is, will he be ready as far as is fine motor skills and social skills? The people at his school think he will adjust well to being in a bigger group and could really benefit him. He would continue to get help with the fine motor skills he is having trouble with (like writing and drawing and cutting). There would be a para-proffesional in the room to help kids like Joseph who need a little extra help.

Right now I'm thinking we're going to send him. Everyone involved with him at pre-school seems to think it's a good idea. On Monday I'm going to meet with the Kindergarten special ed case worker for the school he would go to. I'll have a bunch of questions for him. One of them being is it going to matter that Joseph is so tiny? Will he have a hard time keeping up with the other kids? Is his communication on par with the other kids? Will he be able to talk to them? I admit that my concern in this area is probably for nothing. The speech therapist he saw said Joseph was testing way ahead of hi age group in almost all areas.

I don't know. It's hard to think right now. The guy next door is having his siding replaced in in between the non-stop pounding the workers have sappy country music blaring at an ungoldy volume. I can clearly hear every word over the pounding and Joseph watching Sesame Street. As if I didn't already hate that "Live Like You Were Dying" song enough, now these people seem to have found a station that plays it every 8 minutes. Ay yi yi.


Anonymous said...

Of course that's all very interesting, but did you realize the results of the final round of the DVMM are up?
OK, OK. I'll admit it. Your post is far more interesting than my comment, but I live in a very small world.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. No matter what you decide, to send or not to send, there will probably be a dozen pros and cons either way. I think you just have to weigh what the "experts" say with what you think is right, and that will be the right thing to do for you. All that aside, HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY THINK OF SENDING THE BABY TO KINDERGARTEN? Just kidding. I did that for Karen.