Monday, April 11, 2005

Jen and Joseph, Reiki healing team

This weekend I got my Reiki level1 certification. I've been trying to work on myself today but without much success. I guess it takes practice. Mom has also done a few distance healings on me today to help with the morning sickness. I think it must be working because I felt my stomache growl a few minutes ago. (Eating would be nice!) I was also able to have a really nice, restful nap and that's sometimes hard for me to do. My headache also went away.

When I was at the Reiki class the Reiki master Timothy also did a power transfer for Joseph. That night Joseph did Reiki for the baby for a good two minutes. It was very sweet. He also worked in my head for about 15 seconds this morning. He's mostly just interested in doing Reiki for the baby. He also told me he wanted to use it to heal his friends at school if they get hurt. He's such a special little boy.

Today he brought home a picture that he had done at school. He pressed it on my tummy and said "For the babester, with love from my heart." He almost makes me cry sometimes.

I am going to do some more Reiki work on myself tonight. I'm also going to try to do some on Joseph after he falls asleep. Timothy showed me a good position to try on Joseph to help him with some of his issues with focusing and his food aversions. I'm eager to get more practice at this so that I can try doing some work on other people too.


Anonymous said...

"For the babester, with love from my heart."

Oh that makes me cry and then laugh.


Mom or Dad said...

Doesn't he know that he's the real babester. My God-just listen to him! Who wouldn't think so.