Tuesday, April 05, 2005

That's just gross

I was throwing up this morning so I took on of the world's most expensive pills. My hope was that I could keep it down long enough for it to work. No such luck. After about 10 minutes it came up along with the teaspoon full of water I had taken it with. I could see it there in the bowl. I thought for a long time about washing it off and trying again. I reached in to pick it up but it fell apart. Dang. I couldn't take another one either because I wasn't sure if any of the medicene from the first one made it into my system and I didn't want to take the wrong dosage. Anyway, some of it must have stuck with me because I stopped throwing up and I was able to eat a couple of crackers. Right now I figure if I can drink 2 out of 3 days and eat one of those two days them I'm doing ok.

Yesterday I found out about a really cool program that we can use with Joseph. The county (I think) has something called Arise where someone who is specially trained in working with kids with special needs can be assigned to go with Joseph to things like swimming lessons or t-ball. They can be right on the ball field with him helping him keep on focus instead of picking up rocks or trying to play Scooby Doo. If need be they can even run around the bases with him if he needs that much direction. At swimming lessons they would get right in the water and provide him with non-stop one on one direction to make sure he's staying on task. Really you can have someone come to any activity that your kids are involved in if they need some extra direction. All you need to qualify is that your child has to have an IEP, which of course Joseph has. It's all free to us too. Of course we have to pay for whatever activity we sign him up for but the Arie service is free. I'm really excited to try it out. Waite Park has some summer sports for really young kids that we might sign Joseph up for. We could have done some last year but I thought there was no way we could get him to pay attention well enough. This just might work out for him!

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