Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Final Four

The final four round of Disney Villain March Madness is going on right now! Check it out!

Wait a second! How did Shan Yu beat out Ursula? Foul I say! At least Clayton is no longer in the running. He was only around for so long because he was up against some weak competitors. I'm stikcing with Frollo now because that guy is bad news. He tried to throw a baby down a well, he was cruel to poor Quasi, he tried to kill Demi Moore and tore of part of Norte Dame with his bare hands in order to squish some ants.

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Anonymous said...

Frollo.....hmmmm....maybe. But lets take a closer look at the points you brought up.
Tried to throw a baby down a well and was cluel to Quasi. Well, Quasi was actually that baby. So, those two really only count as one point. Tried to kill Demi Moore. Who doesn't want to kill Demi Moore? Tore off part of Notre Dame with his bare hands. OK, I'll give you that one, except that it was actually the Palace of Justice. Of course, Shan Yu could probably tear off a chunk of the Great Wall big enough to smash an elephant, but he never actually did it. So, I suppose that doesn't count.