Friday, April 15, 2005


The siding guys have left! Joseph and I saw them getting into the car when we got back from therapy. They have chosen to give the gift of music to the entire neighborhood though and have left the radio on blaring loud. They have been gone for nearly 2 hours now and that radio has just been merrily blasting away. Would it be totally weird if I turned it off? Or threw it into the street? It's in my yard. All their stuff is in my yard actually. Not just a little, like, a lot. There's siding on the walkway from the house to the garage and a table saw set up about 6 inches off the patio. There's tools and cardboard boxes and plastic and a pair of pants (?) laying all over our side yard. What's up with that? Bah, I just have a short fuse because I don't feel very good today.

I have updated and revised the baby wish list. The baby needs everything.

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