Friday, April 08, 2005

Joseph news

Food therapy was so awesome today. He's been in a bit of an eating slump the last few weeks. He's not wanting to eat a lot of even the foods that he normall likes. Well, today at FT he ate so much! More than I have seen him at at one time in a couple of weeks I think. He had juice, apple sauce with pears, half a breaded beef pattie (he thought it was chicken nuggets and we didn't correct him!) and ...... drumroll please ...... about half a baby carrot! He just picked it up and bit into it like it was nothing. You could tell he wasn't crazy about the texture because he kept rubbing his nose while he ate it and then rubbing his throat when he swallowed it. But he did it! He really liked the crunching sound that it made. I think the only reason he stopped eating is because he was so full. He had some apple sauce and juice left and I know those are things he likes so I think if he had been hungrier he had eaten even more of the carrot. I was so proud of him today! Who knew you could feel so good over your kid eating a carrot?

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