Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Chili dogs is good medicine!

I am feeling so much better today than I was yesterday. I was feeling a little queasy when I woke up but that went away pretty quickly and I was able to eat. (Turkey jerky from the St Joe Meat Market, the breakfast of champions!)

Lat night I did a bunch of Reiki on Jesse. I worked on his lower back and his leg. He has some problem in his lower back that makes his right leg tingle sometimes. I think it's nerve related. Then I worked on his gross hand bump/growth thing. (shudder) It is my fondest hope that that thing goes away today and I won't have to work on it again. I swear I felt it moving when I had my hand on it last night.

I had my first baby dream last night. The baby was a boy and he had brown hair and very fat legs. He could also talk and roll over when he was just born so take from that what you will. Also in my dream the hospital was closed when I gave birth so I had to go to a gym instead. They gave me a fouton though so that was nice. The nuses also told me I could have all the chili dogs and Cherry Dr Pepper (is that even real?) that I wanted. Oh man, a chili dog sounds good right now....


Anonymous said...

Chili dogs sound a LOT better than cookie dough.

Anonymous said...

Timothy the Reiki leader said that pregnant women crave the things their body needs, so I think you have to just go with whatever you're craving. Like pork rinds.
Oh, and the "babester" story was quite possibly the sweetest and most adorable thing I've ever heard.