Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pickle juice

Today Joseph and I stopped at Nelson Brothers for a donut after therapy. I noticed that they had a gaint jar of pickles sitting on the counter. Actually, it was about 3 pickels and about 2 gallons of juice. Casually (at least as casually as one can ask such a bizzare question) I asked the girl behind the counter what they did with the juice when they were done with the pickels. "Oh" she replied "We dump it out."

I stood there for a second wondering a) what must this person be thinking b) what had compeled me to ask something like that and c) how could I proceed with this conversation. After a moment of akward silence the girl raised an eyebrow and said "Why do you ask?"

Because I didn't want to her to think that I wanted the juice so that I could do something strange like bathe in it right there at that moment I cheerily replied "Because I want to drink it!"

As you go through life you will find that few situations are as uncomfortable as announcing to a perfect stranger that you would like to guzzle left-over pickle juice. Even Joseph was emberassed for me. I hastily explained that I was pregnant and it was just an odd craving. Little did she know that I have always liked pickle juice but I do blame the pregnancy for my asking this woman if I could drink what is essentialy trash from a deli.

After the woman laughed for a minute she very nicely scooped some into a coffee cup for me so that I could take it home. It's in the fridge chilling right now because as every true pickle juice lover knows it is much better when served cold.


Anonymous said...

Remind me never to get pregnant.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, if you didn't already know, the March Madness final round is up and running.