Friday, March 04, 2011

Oh universe, you slay me

I have goosebumps.  The kind that even go up to your head so that all your hair is kind of standing up and it looks really full of body and fabulous.  What a day this has been.

So remember like a week ago when I was all "Oh, maybe I'll be a surrogate again, I don't really know.  We'll see."?

Yeah. I remember that.  And now I just got off the phone with a pharmacy in California to arrange delivery of my surrogacy medications on Monday.

I will never get used to this nervous excitment and happiness.  I keep switching between smiling and thinking "Ack!  So much left to do!"

And there is a lot left to do.  Contracts to finalize, ultrasounds and blood tests to schedule, a psych evaluation to pass (stop laughing!) and schedules to juggle and organize.

But for right now?  Eeeeeeee!

Three years ago today I fit into my jeans.

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Stimey said...

I'm so happy for you. Good luck on those psych tests!!