Monday, March 07, 2011

More Amazing Race chatter

Ok, so let's talk some more about the Amazing Race.  I don't care if only one person will read this.  The Amazing Race is awesome!

Amanda and Kris - Eliminated in the first round.  This is sad for three reasons.  1.  I was never really able to recall who they were.  2. They seemed like the rare "dating couple" that the show casts that didn't act like they wanted to kill each other.  3. I like the way Phil called Amanda "Amander".

Gary and Mallory - I like Mallory because I only have to see her one hour a week.  I think her level of enthusiasm would wear on me really quickly in real life.  No one can possible love life that much?  Can they?  Gary continues to impress me.

Flight Time and Big Easy - Ok, I don't think for one second that they took someone else's Amazing Fanny Pack on purpose but they maybe could have handled the returning of it a little better.  And the ching-chonging they were doing during the prayer ceremony?  Errr... not cool.  But I still like them because they're funny and nice to each other and that counts for a lot in my book.

Jamie and Cara - Still can't tell them apart.  Still don't like them.  Jamie has a serious case of Ugly American.

Jet and Cord - Come on guys, get it together.  You're adorable and you seem like really nice guys but you're racing like you've been bucked from one too many bulls.  Smarten up!  (But they're still really nice to each other and as I said, that counts for a lot.)

Kent and Vyksin - As long as I live I will never forget Kent warbling "Children!  Bring me children!" Vyksin seems really invested in her "look at me, I'm so ALTERNATIVE!" thing but I think otherwise she kind of rocks.  She's clearly carrying her odd, wispy boyfriend through this race.

LaKisha and Jennifer - Hmmm.  I'm starting to like them again.  Not a lot of drama, competent racing, nice to each other.  (I know, if I had my way it would be called The Amazing Who Can Be Nicest Race.)

Margie and Luke - Meh.  Still not a fan.  They seem to be holding their own though.

Mel and Mike - I liked Mel and Mike.  I'm glad they're out of the race though because I was not interested in watching the Mel Dies in the Mud show.  In their original season Mike was funny and quirky.  This time all he did was worry and whine about Mel.  Still, they seemed like great people and I'm glad for them that they got the chance to run the race again.  And I'm glad they didn't die doing it.

Ron and Christina - Hey, here's something interesting - Christina is engaged to someone she met on her original run of the show!  It looks like she picked herself a copy of dear old Dad.  The guy was an ass on the show.  Ron is ... just ... bleh.  Awful.  I like Christina but I hope this team is eliminated soon just so that I don't have to listen to her whine "Daddy! Stop!" as Ron travels the world verbally assaulting everyone within a ten food radius of him.

Zev and Justin - LOVE THEM!  Good racers, funny, kind to each other, cute as can be.  They've got it all. Go Team Aspie!  Oh, and I've read some criticism of them saying people should not cheer for them simply because Zev has Aspergers.  To that I say this: Bullshit.  Most neurotypical people would not be comfortable doing something like the Amazing Race.  For Zev to do knowing how outside of his comfort zone he'll have to be is amazing.  Zev is a rock star.  As is Justin.  So there.

Three years ago today I watched Survivor.


Stimey said...

I liked that the goth makeup held up through the mud/frog thing. Also, did you notice that Justin was wearing a duck-whisperer shirt? (Even though Zev was the duck whisperer.)

I think my favorite was at the end when Justin hugged Zev and he was all, "Did you hug me?" and then later on when they were talking to the camera, Justin leaned toward Zev and Zev said, "Don't touch me!" but kinda joking like. Go, Team Aspie!

Gina said...

I can't stand Ron. And he called Phil Bill! Who forgets Phil's name?