Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm thinking of renaming this to The Amazing Race Blog (With Some Poop Stories) (And Also Cervix Status Updates)

Who wants to talk some more about The Amazing Race?  I do!  After a two week double leg there's a lot to talk about! Exclamation points!  Let's see where the racers are at.

Gary and Mallory - They are running a good, solid race.  It's too bad they had to use their Express Pass to get them past the Dino Challenge of Doom but it was a good move and probably saved them from elimination.  I still feel like I should hate Mallory but darn it, she's just so darned adorable that I can't help but like her.

Flight Time and Big Easy - Meh.  I'm loving them a little less than I used to.  I like them more when they are a little more low key.  They're starting to grate a little bit when they're so "on".  I predict not many legs left for them.  They run an odd race, a combination of excellence and occasional moments of pure stupidity.

Jamie and Cara - I'm not sad they were out this last leg.  Cara was sort of a non entity and Jamie was not such a nice person.  I'm glad they got out before Jamie insulted someone for speaking own language in their own country.  Her xenophobia was never fun to watch.

Jet and Cord - Still adorable.  Still kind of dumb.  I think they'll be out before long. 

Kent and Vyxsin - Remember when I said Vyxsin seemed like kind of a rocking chick?  Yeah, I take that back.  Over the past two episodes this team ran the worst race I have ever seen any team run in all the seasons of this show.  They got lost, they missed a flight, they lost their passports, they lost their passports again, they cried, they screamed, they lied, they forgot to touch up their make-up.  When they finally checked into the Pit Stop they looked like sad little goth clowns coming down from a three day meth binge.  I felt a little bit sorry for them.  Not sorry enough to not laugh like crazy when the show went to commercial with a slow-mo shot of Kent falling off a ladder. 

Kisha and Jen - Hmmm, I remember not liking them in their original season.  What changed?  I don't know but I find myself rooting for them.  They're solid racers and so far there's no real drama from them.  They've really been able to power through some tasks that other teams struggle with.  I predict they'll hang around for a while.

Margie and Luke - Meh.  It seems like they're hardly on the show at all.  I'm looking forward to next week when Luke has to drink a lot of tea and cries. 

Ron and Christina - Ok, I admit it, Ron wanting to snack his way through China was a little bit funny.  I still think he's a grade A creep though.  When he was trying to stop a bus to get it to pick them up he decided to throw a rock at it.  Like, did he think that would work?  Who does stuff like that?  He's so weird.  Still, they're racing pretty well.  Christina is totally carrying this team though and I suspect that can't last too much longer.

Zev and Justin - Love them.  And it's because I love them that I can say I laughed and laughed and laughed when Zev was doing the wind chime challenge.  When he hung all the charms up in a bug clump and turned to the judge and said "Is that good?" Then he spun it and said "Now?" Reorganized the clump. "Now?" Angrily rehung the clump. "NOW!?!"  I love this team but they seem to bleed a lot of time traveling from one spot to another.  They need to tighten that up but if they can't I'm not sure how much longer they'll last.

Next week - Teams have to drink a lot of tea and Luke cries.  I cackle in anticipation.

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Stimey said...

Dude, Vyyyxxsyyinn and her crying. I was so annoyed. Although, you know any team that starts off a leg cheerfully saying, "We're all about PMA--Positive Mental Attitude--today!" will immediately drive for an hour in the wrong direction.

I too am interested to see how tea makes someone cry.