Friday, March 07, 2008

Survivor restores my faith in humanity

I got sick to my stomach watching Survivor last night. No, it wasn't all the shots of the all the fat lips or even the long, extended scene of the giant hole Johnathon got in his knee. (Great job on designing a challenge where nearly everyone got hurt by the way.) It was watching Joel drag Chet through the course. You know what's a really shitty thing to do? Drag someone through the mud and cause them to knock their head against several logs so that you can win a steak. And then, when they tell you that they hit their head, grunt back to them in your stupid caveman voice "I don't care". (For anyone who didn't see this, it was actually a lot more brutal than I'm making it sound.)

I seriously was nauseous watching it. But then this show did something that it rarely does. It made me feel good. Oh how happy it made me too see "ball of goo" Chet remain on the show while "I'm a big stupid asshole who was probably thisclose to killing someone for committing the crime of being old or a woman or gay and by the way call me Truck" Joel got voted out. It was a complete blindside and it was awesome.

Thank you Survivor. For teaching us to laugh about creepy beefy guys. Again.

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Ferdinand the Duck said...

It was so good. And that obnoxious shit-for-brains finds the fake idol next week. I want to see Probst chuck it in the fire so bad.

Tracy and Cirie to the end, yo.