Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm on the cover of a magazine!*

Ok, so I won't be on the cover. But I will be in the magazine. Maybe.

Someone from my agency called me today asking if they could give my name to a reporter looking to talk to surrogates for an article he was doing on illegal dog fighting. I mean surrogacy. I said "Awesome!" which I hope she took as a yes and in the next few days someone from the magazine will be getting in contact with me. Fun!

And don't worry. Once I'm in a magazine I won't forget all the little people I knew before. I mean, I'm sure once I'm in a magazine I'll be a lot busier than I used to be and I probably won't have as much time for you as I did before I was in a magazine but I'll always think of you fondly. And just think! You'll be able to look at me and say "I knew her before she was in a magazine!"**

*Who says this? Hint: Look at the fricken picture.
** This was totally said in jest but I know that now it's out there karma will come and bite me in the butt when the reporter calls me and says "Sorry, you're just too boring for our magazine.


~JJ! said...

Can't wait to see it....

andi said...

You had me at illegal dog fighting. Oops, I mean, let me know when it comes out.