Friday, March 28, 2008

I love to share

I'm over my embarrassment at the pants dropping incident of yesterday. It's not like it's the first time I waved bare ass in public.

My interview is this afternoon. I don't know what magazine it's going to end up in because (as I understand it) it's being written by an independent reporter. I guess we'll just have to see if someone decides to publish it. Rest assured that if it does get published I will find out and tell everyone about it. Then I'll get a copy of the article and frame it and wear it around my neck like a beautiful, lovely piece of me-pimping jewelry.

I got a heads up on some of the questions that they're going to ask me. That's a good thing since I have a tendency to babble like a brain damaged monkey (and you know how they go on) when I'm on the phone with someone I don't know very well. I've practiced my answers out loud because I also have the tendency (when I'm nervous) to start talking quickly and at a very high pitch. I want to sound like a normal person and not a chipmunk so I've practiced speaking slowly and clearly. My fear now is that I'm going to sound like that little girl that Stewie tried to teach to speak proper English that one time on the Family Guy. "HoooW DO Yoooou DOOOO?"

I think I need to stop drinking caffeine for the day now.

Update - I had the interview and I think it went really well. I on'y went into high-pitched-voice-and-dorky-giggle mode once or twice. We'll see when the article gets published if I get described as "cheerful" or "slightly manic".


Sophie Treadmill said...

I guess deep down, I always knew you were an ass waggler.

Sophie Treadmill said...

Hit send too soon! But at least I can say I knew you way back when. Don't forget to tell us when it comes out! That is too cool!