Friday, March 21, 2008

The biggest winner

Elle likes to use the bathroom scale. Thr first time I saw her do it I kind of freaked out. For a minute I worried that I had somehow managed to give her all my weight and body issues. I worried that I was making her neurotic about herslef and the way she looked by weighing myself in front of her. Then I realized that she just likes to see the numbers pop up.

Every time she steps on the scale she says "Three tee tee nine" and looks very pleased. I have no idea what it means but it's what she always says. It's a routine. Every time I go into the bathroom she follows me in so that she can step on the scale and say "three tee tee nine."

Yesterday was a little different though. She stepped on the scale and screamed "Hooray! Three two points! I da winner! Hooray! Three two points! I da winner Mama! Three two points!" and she ran out of the room clapping with glee.

I wish I was that happy after I weighed myself.

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andi said...

Me too! I can't remember the last time I jumped off the scale clapping and squealing with delight. She's so cute.