Thursday, April 19, 2007

30 Deeds for 30 Days - Day 18

Yesterday's deed kind of happened just by chance. As Joseph, Elle and I were leaving speech therapy yesterday I noticed an older lady wandering around the parking lot looking lost. The building we were at is large and has several small parking lots and it's pretty easy to go get turned around and go out the wrong door. After I got the kids in the car I called over to the lady and asked if she was looking for her car. She explained that she thought maybe she came out the wrong door. I told her I had done that myself before and asked her if she would like me to drive her around the lot so that she could find her car.

She got in my car and described to me where she thought she had parked. I spend a lot of time at that building and recignized right away where she was desciribing. I drove her over and we found her car right away. She said that probably would have been the last lot she checked because that was the one lot she was pretty sure wasn't where she had parked.

Of course after she was out of the car I had to have a big talk with Joseph about letting people you don't know into your car and how normally we wouldn't do that but that we were doing it to be helpful. He said "I guess that's a good deed for the day!" And he was right.

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