Monday, April 30, 2007

I deserve it

The pills are continuing to make a giant crabby crab. There have been a couple of positives over the past few days.

1. I managed to complete 30/30 (even though I failed to blog about it). I actually managed to do a deed every single day of April so I feel pretty good about that. I'm not even going to feel bad about not blogging about it because the important part was really doing the deeds in the first place.

2. I got the sweetest emails in the world from J (one of my IFs). He said, in part, "Most of all, we are incredibly grateful to you. We can't believe what a wonderful thing you are doing for us. So, thank you, again and again." Awwww, that feels nice. Everyone likes to feel appreciated once in a while and that felt really good.

3. Yesterday we were in Target I found a dress on clearance that I thought was really cute. I can never buy dresses because in order for them to fit on top they have to be 2 sizes larger than I need on the bottom. Because of that everthing hangs off me and looks like a circus tent. But I still like the idea of dresses so every so often I try one on just in case. I was standing there looking at this one I found and Joseph said "You should buy that Mommy! It would be good for you to have a party dress. You deserve to have nice things!" Oh my god. He kills me dead sometimes. He can be so wild and crazy sometimes but he's got this gentle and loving little heart and when it comes out like that I just melt. Oh, and the icing on the cake was that the dress fit and it was super cute and it cost me less than $10. It was a good day.

4. Today I'm not sending Joseph to school and I'm taking him and Ell to the Science Museum with my parents instead. That should be fun, I always like doing stuff like that with the kids. Joseph is worried about bringing Elle though because he's pretty sure she's going to do something like "knock over some old bones" or "wake up a mummy and make him curse us". My boy is always thinking.


Judy said...

Jen.... let me know what the mummy says and if it is in English!! I'm so glad you found a dress that fit... I know how difficult it is to find something that fits on top and fits on the bottom, too!! And Joseph is right, you do deserve nice things!! Enjoy the museum! Judy

Emily said...

Hmm I should buy a new dress... maybe I will take Joseph shopping with me so he can tell me I deserve nice things even though I personally dont have the money for them... care to rent out your child for this purpose?

Pendullum said...

Sounds like a great start to a week... New dress, a greate-mail and quality time with your son...Life is good!

EE said...

I have the opposite problem...need things 2 sizes larger on the bottom.
I'm with Emily...can I borrow Joseph next time I go shopping?

melody said...

Oh, I haven't worn a dress in so long. It seems chasing boys doesn't lend itself well to dresses. But thanks, I think I'll buy me a new one.

Glad you made it thru your 30 days of deeds. Good job.