Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's the little things

Today when I went to get Joseph from school there was a huge commotion in his classroom. All the kids were walking around and playing with these noise makers they had just finished making. I searched for Joseph as among all the kids. He's always so hard to see because in spite of his recent growth spurt he's still the shortest kid in class.

I looked at his desk and saw his noise maker sitting there. And where was Joseph? I spotted him wandering around the tables in the classroom. He was weaving in between kids and running his hands over the top of the tables. Every so often he would stop and pick at something on the table. Then he would go right back to running his hands over the table. He didn't really noticeif he ran into someone or if someone set off their noisemaker right by him. He just kept wandering and picking.

Even after the teacher called for the kids to sit in their seats and all the kids had sat down he kept up with it. He never even looked up or seemed to notice that he was the only one walking around. His teacher directed him back to his seat and once he got there he seemed to a little more "with it". I won't lie though, it was hard watching him act like that. All zoned out, there but not there. It's a little thing, I know. But it hurt.


Grandma Judy said...

Jen, I'm so sorry. But, he probably was not interested in making noise, so he did something else. I know it is difficult for you to witness his zone out times, but to tell you the truth, there are times when I wish I could do that. Just detach from the chaos. The positive thing here is that he did respond to his teacher when she called him by name, and settled into his desk and began to participate. And he has made so much progress in other ways. He is such a special person and he does work really hard. Hang in there..... Judy

EE said...

My son is delayed in most areas. They initially thought Autism, but later changed the diagnosis to Apraxia.
He had a crush on a little girl in kindergarten until she made fun of his drawing. Another little girl made fun of his reading skills (or lack of) this year.
Where am I going with this? I'm not really sure...I just want you to know that I understand.

melody said...

Jen, I so understand how you feel. I don't know what else to say other than I understand.